It turns out that Nami is Valkkai’s mother.

Valkkai is the tiny little calf that we spotted during our last research trip.

Interestingly, an hour or two earlier, I was paddleboarding and spotted Nami in the harbor with no baby, indicating that Valkkai was apparently only an hour or two (maybe even less) old when we first spotted the calf.

Also, I am beginning to wonder if maybe Nami somehow has part of the genes that made Zuri white. Nami has been seen swimming close by Zuri’s side every time we see the albino (although Nami has been seen swimming where Zuri was not present, but now that Zuri is older, if Nami is Zuri’s mother, that is no surprise).

Usually, newborn dolphin calves are darker in color than their mothers, but Valkkai was actually lighter in color – something that stumped us when we were trying to determine Valkkai’s age. However, if Nami has part of the genes that would produce an albino dolphin (or simply a lighter gray dolphin like Valkkai) then a lot of dots would get connected.

For now, though, the whole idea about Zuri, Valkkai, and Nami being somehow connected remains a mystery, but I will be sure to post if we find out anything new!


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