Left: Deak surfacing for air, no with no fin sticking up out of the water.

I know that there are a few big fans of Deak the dolphin out there, but unfortunately sometime between our May 2015 field trip and our June 2015 field trip to Inkfish Bay, Deak had a collision with a boat and the dolphin’s dorsal (top) fin was completely sliced off.

Deak is still alive and does not appear to be having a struggle at finding food. All of the damage has healed, although Deak still does not have a fin. Thankfully, the Inkfish Bay dolphins still except Deak, and sometimes I wonder if they might help Deak sometimes when he/she needs it. I personally think that Deak still has a good chance at seeing old age.

Deak serves as a good example of why it is so important to be cautious of wildlife while boating. Many people think that dolphins will simply get out of the way of their boat, but from underwater, the sound of a nearby boat fills the area, and it is probably too hard for the dolphins to tell if the boat is coming at them or not. It is only when they come up for air that every now and then it suddenly becomes too late, and a dolphin gets injured or even killed, all because a boat driver wasn’t watching where he was going.

Deak with no fin.


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