Dirty, polluted water draining from Lake Okeechobee into the Gulf of Mexico is threatening a section of Florida’s Gulf coast! The southwest coast of Florida is home to many dolphins, manatees, fish, and other aquatic creatures, but after a rainy winter, Lake Okeechobee has swelled up, and its polluted water is being drained into the Gulf of Mexico around Florida’s southwest coast. Already, dead wildlife has been reported (including a dead dolphin that was seen floating in the water), and the once beautiful clear, turquoise water has turned to a disgusting brown murk.

Inkfish Bay’s Stunning Beauty Should Be Safe From This Disaster

Local residents are very angry about this. Nearby shops and stores are getting less business now that all swimmers, fishermen, boaters, and beach-goers have been scared away by the ugly-looking water. Local commercial fishermen are especially angry, as many of the fish are dying out.

Dying out fish means a lot, as fish are a very important part of the marine food chain. Dolphins, sharks, birds – they all depend on fish to survive.
Thankfully, Inkfish Bay looks like it is out of the danger zone of this disaster, so hopefully the dolphins of Inkfish Bay are all safe; However, I have not been down there during this event to know for sure.


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