Guesimated Size: Uncertain

Gender: Male

Month Identified: March 2015

Identifying Features: The easiest way to recognize Adzin is by his dorsal fin, which has an inch tall half-circle taken out of it.

More About Adzin: Adzin is the kind of dolphin that everybody enjoys – he is often very active at the surface. We have observed Adzin throwing fish in the air on several different occasions. Adzin is not very affectionate towards people, and he does not like to hang out around swimmers, but unfortunately, tourists and fishermen have been illegally feeding Adzin (even though they may not know that feeding wild dolphins is illegal) and as a result Adzin has become more and more tame. Adzin is anything but camera shy, and once it almost appeared as though he was “showing off” to one of our photographers! Adzin was hunting while one of our photographers was observing from a paddleboard to the side. Adzin suddenly started kicking up the water, and a few seconds later he surfaced with a fish in his mouth. Adzin then brought the fish about ten feet in front of the photographer and started throwing it in the air several times!

Why the Name “Adzin?” There was no real reason for naming this dolphin “Adzin” – it just sounded good. The word “Adzin” means “friend.”

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