Guesstimated Size:  Of course, we have not been able to put a tape measure to Mangrove to know his exact size, but we would guess that he is currently about 7 feet long.

Gender: Male.

Month Identified: June 2014.

Identifying Features: Mangrove is easily identified, as the top of his dorsal fin has been chopped off – however, we don’t know exactly what did this to him.

More About Mangrove: Mangrove is one of those less active dolphins that is not commonly seen leaping out of the water or splashing at the surface. He has little fear of people, and he seems to like cameras, as Mangrove often “poses” whenever I put one underwater – he will point his rostrum at the lens, look straight at the camera and slightly open his mouth, swim all around and beside it, or roll and twist in front of it.

Why the Name “Mangrove”? The first time we saw Mangrove, our best photo was one of him eating a mangrove snapper fish, and that spurred the name “Mangrove”.




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