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Welcome to Dolphin Project! This blog is dedicated to a project Snails2Whales started on wild bottle-nose dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico. Here you will find news and updates on our observations of individual dolphins. We hope that this blog will help you learn more about bottle-nose dolphins!

Our Mission: Why did Snails2Whales start Dolphin Project? We want to learn more about the individual dolphins: their likes and dislikes, personalities, dolphin friends, etc. we also want to learn more about the dolphin pod, such as their own special hunting techniques, whether or not the month or season effects whether the pod is together in one big group or in smaller separate groups, etc.

How it Began: A relative of a dolphin observer bought a beach house a long time ago on an island in the Gulf of Mexico that has no bridge to it, so you must have a boat to get there. Although these sort of houses are worth a lot of money today, you couldn’t give them away back then, so the house was dirt cheap. “I had taken vacations there before and liked to watch and photograph the dolphins around the island, but it was during a trip in March of 2013 when I realized the opportunity that was right in front of me. After that vacation, I printed out a photo of a dolphin’s dorsal (top) fin that I had taken during the trip, named the dolphin “Flip,” stuffed the photo in an empty folder, and waited for the next time I could go there again. Because every bottle-nose dolphin has a unique dorsal fin, I hoped to photograph Flip again and use that photo to confirm it was him/her. Unfortunately, when I returned from the next trip with new photos, I discovered that it was challenging to confirm individuals in separate pictures from printed photos. I dropped the whole idea until June of 2014, when I went to the beach house again. Soon after that, I began storing all the information on my computer, which made it much easier to compare dorsal fins and map where I photographed the individual dolphins. From then until now I do everything on the computer. After moving the project from a folder to the computer, the project has taken off.” Because this same person had helped start the Snails2Whales website, the idea was presented to Snails2Whales and has been made real. so now we’re ready to share this information as we gather it. I hope Dolphin Project will inspire you as much as it has us!


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