Dolphins Leaping at Night Painting

Copy of nami valkkai and zuri

This is my latest painting of the Inkfish Bay dolphins. It features Zuri and his/her mother(?), Nami, and Nami’s newest calf, Valkkai.


PAINTING: Sharky the Dolphin

Copy of sharky

This is a painting that I made of Sharky the dolphin in Inkfish Bay. Sharky is an adult dolphin who was identified during our last research trip. As far as we know, Sharky is part of the non-resident dolphin pod, but hopefully Sharky will return to Inkfish Bay every summer with the rest of the pod. Note how Sharky’s dorsal fin looks like it has been torn up. This is what gave Sharky his/her name – the fact that it almost looks like a shark bit Sharky’s fin.