“Do Dolphins ever scratch fleas?”

Asked by Monkey Man

No, dolphins do not ever scratch fleas. Although dolphin calves have a patch of hair on their chins as newborns, their smooth, rubbery skin does not provide a good home for fleas. Besides, dolphins spend their whole lives in water, so fleas would drown before they could reach a dolphin. However, dolphins do get itchy sometimes, in which case they may rub themselves against smooth stones (and possibly sand – but this I’ve never observed before to be for sure). Thanks for the question (no matter how silly)! I love answering all of your questions, so keep them coming!

“Have dolphins ever been documented eating bananas?”

Asked by Monkey Man

No, dolphins have never been naturally documented eating bananas, but someone sometime could have possibly tried feeding a dolphin a banana, event though this would likely make the dolphin sick. It is important not to feed wild dolphins anything, even fish, as wild dolphins need to stay wild to survive. Great question and thanks for asking!

“Can you please tell me if jellyfish are on the dolphins’ menu?”

Asked by Maggie

Answer: No, dolphins do not eat jellyfish. Jellyfish have painful stinging cells, and because of this dolphins would get stung if they tried to eat a jellyfish. Great question and thanks for asking!!


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